Being able to determine if the fibers of the towels are of quality will be decisive in order to make a good purchase.

Can you identify the performance of cloth just by looking at them? This is a subject that many people do not know. With regard to this today in Teekila we will show you the main factors so that you know how to choose high-quality towels that can guarantee you the best benefits.

Two must have aspects of towels

These are two things that a towel should always have in order to be considered optimal for use. Both are softness and absorbency. On this basis, you can measure their performance for the different functions they will have.

To attend to all the needs that exist in a bathroom we have to have the best quality towels. The softness of the cloth will help you to have a pleasant experience while using it. And the absorbent power will give you a quick and proper wiping.


Choosing high quality towels

The following are some tips that will help you easily choose a high-quality towel for all uses, especially in the bathroom.

Evaluate the material

When choosing a towel, the characteristics of the towel are mainly determined by the material it is made of. Some may be more absorbent than others, this is due to the material. To give an example, towels that are made of cotton have both softness and absorbency at an optimal level.

Because of cotton’s properties, towels that are made of cotton will be an excellent choice. The characteristics of cotton are breathability, absorbency, softness, and durability.

Towel thickness

When a towel has a thick appearance, it is a symptom that a greater amount of yarns were used in its preparation. This is a test of its quality. The other factor that can accompany this aspect is the weight of the towel. Taking the example of a cotton towel, the more grams it has, the higher its performance in terms of use, i.e., it will have a higher grammage.

Softness on contact

When purchasing a towel, one of the easiest tests you can perform to check the quality of a towel is to touch it. With this, you will be able to realize the type of fiber it has. For example, if it has fine and long fiber, it will give you pleasure when you pass your hand over it. This is due to the softness you will feel. This is a good sign of the quality of the best towels.

Hygiene of the cloth

High-quality towels in most cases describe on their label the convenient washing method for them. The best towels withstand extensive laundering. However, this does not mean that over time they are not affected by it. Rather, because of their quality, they will last longer.

Understanding these tips on how to choose high-quality towels will allow you to decide on the best options. In case you need high-quality towels you can visit our website